addcslashes() : adding backslashes

$string="Hello welcome to plus2net Php section";
echo addcslashes($string,'e');
Output of this is here
H\ello w\elcom\e to plus2n\et Php s\ection 
Note in all places char e is escaped by adding a slashes.

These chars are escaped by adding backslashes.
single quote (')
double quote (")
backslash (\)
NUL (the NUL byte)
Here is the syntax
string addcslashes(string,string or charlist)
Returns the escaped string.

Here are some examples
$str = "Welcome  'to plus2net PHP section";
echo addcslashes($str,"'");
Welcome \'to plus2net PHP section

Escaping more than one char

$string="Hello welcome to plus2net Php section";
echo addcslashes($string,'c,o,n');
Output is here
Hell\o wel\c\ome t\o plus2\net Php se\cti\o\n 

For a series of chars

$string="Hello welcome to plus2net Php section";
echo addcslashes($string,'a..z');
Output is here
H\e\l\l\o \w\e\l\c\o\m\e \t\o \p\l\u\s2\n\e\t P\h\p \s\e\c\t\i\o\n 
Note that all upper case chars are not escaped
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