chunk_split() : Break string

$str="Welcome to";
echo chunk_split($str,5,'#');
Welco#me to# plus#2net.#com#
chunk_split(string, interval, separator)
We can break each string after fixed interval and add string to each breaks.

string : main string to be broken.
interval : The chunk lenght.
separator : string which is to be added after each split.

If interval or adding string is not given then a line break is added at the end of the string.
$str="This is a string and this is line end";
echo chunk_split($str);
The output is same
This is a string and this is line end
However in above line one line break is added at the end, to see the line break you can use the nl2br function like this.
echo nl2br(chunk_split($str))
You can see one line break is added at the end. Let us try another example
$str="This is a string and this is line end";
echo chunk_split($str,5,'*');
Output is here
This *is a *strin*g and* this* is l*ine e*nd* 
After five chars inculding space string is broken and one * is added.
String Functions chop(): remove string from right end
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