We can use str_word_count string function to get all details of words present in the string. Here is one example.
$str = "welcome to plus2net PHP section";
$position = str_word_count($str);
echo $position; // output is 6
Simple counting of words can be done like this, however we can more information on words with optional parameter like this.
0  Number of words used in the string
1 Array of words used inside the string
2 Array of words with their position in the string
Here is one example with integer format = 1 , we will get an array with words as element of the array. Here is the output.
$str = "welcome to plus2net PHP section";
$position = str_word_count($str,1);
echo print_r($position);
Output of this is here
Array ( [0] => welcome [1] => to [2] => plus [3] => net [4] => PHP [5] => section ) 1 
Now let us try with format value as 2
$position = str_word_count($str,2);
Output is here
Array ( [0] => welcome [7] => to [10] => plus [15] => net [19] => PHP [23] => section ) 1 
Along with the words used the key of the array is numeric position of the word inside the string.
We can specify additional chars which can be considered as a word.
$position = str_word_count($str,1,'2');
Here 2 will be considered as part of the word so now the word plus2net will be treated as single word..
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    PHP String Functions

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