stristr(): finding first occurrence of a sting

echo stristr($haystack,$needle,false);//
Output is
echo stristr($haystack,$needle,$before);
Required: Input string ( main string for searching )
Required: used to search the first occurrence inside Input string
Optional: default FALSE, if set to TRUE then output returns the string before the first occurrence of $needle ( excluding the $needle )
Output is the part of string after the needle ( if $before is FALSE ) or before the needle. FALSE is returned if matching is not found.

This is case in-sensitive search. Use strstr() for case sensitive search

Example 1 of strstr()

echo stristr($haystack,$needle,true);// myuserid
Output is

Example 2 of strstr()

$haystack="Welcome to to learn PHP";
echo stristr($haystack,$needle);// to to learn PHP
Output is
to to learn PHP

Uses of strstr

We can find out existence of a word or combination of words in a string. For example we don't want some words to be posted by the user while submitting any message or text to the system. We can check the existence of the word by using stristr() function and know the presence of the string. This is case insensitive checking.

For a case sensitive checking we can use strstr function

stristr function is used to check the presence of https:// in the posted message. Or it can be checked the presence of <a in the posted string to identify a link. Here is the syntax of this function.

string stristr (main string , checking string)

This function returns true if the checked string is found within the main string. Now here is a code which uses stristr function and returns true after checking the word.
$main_string="This is a test string <a href=>with a link</a> to plus2net";
echo "String contains a link or the text https:// inside it ";}
else {
echo "String does not contains a link or the text https:// inside it ";}
We can also use split command to get the domain part from email address.

Searching Blank space inside a string

$string='first second';
if (stristr($string,' ')) {
echo " There is blank space present inside the string ";
echo " There is NO blank space present inside the string ";
The output is
 There is blank space present inside the string

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