atanh():inverse hyperbolic tangent

atanh(float X);
X is the input value
atanh returns an EDOM error if input absolute value exceeds 1.0
echo atanh(5); // Output NAN
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(1.5); // Output NAN
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(1); // Output INF
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(0.9); // Output 1.4722194895832
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(0); // Output 0
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(-0.5); // Output -0.54930614433405
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(-1); // Output -INF
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(-1.5); // Output NAN
echo "<br>";
echo atanh(-2.4); // Output NAN

DEMO of atanh()

Output : Not a valid data
Enter data
MIN() function
Math Functions
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