prev: to move the cursor to previous element of an array

WE can rewind of move backward the internal pointer by one step by using prev()
prev(array) ;
We will move to the last element of the array by using end() and then apply prev(). Example
$my_array=array("First One", "Second One", "Third One", "Fourth One", "Fifth One");
end($my_array); // Move to last element 
echo prev($my_array); // Output : Fourth One
It returns False when the pointer or cursor is in first element of the array or not pointing to any element.
$my_array=array("First One", "Second One", "Third One", "Fourth One", "Fifth One");
echo " Current value : ".current($my_array);
echo "The pointer moved beyond last element or the array is empty ";
In above case the cursor is in first element when the array is created so the prev() function will return FALSE.
$my_array=array("First One", "Second One", "Third One", "Fourth One", "Fifth One");

echo current($my_array); // Output : First One 
echo next($my_array); // Output : Second One 
echo next($my_array); // Output : Third One 
echo prev($my_array); // Output : Second One 
echo end($my_array); // Output : Fifth One 
echo reset($my_array); // Output : First One

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