We can use http_build_query function to use an array and create query string using all its elements. This output is already urlencoded and output string can be used in a URL to pass data to another page.

To generate the query string let us use this example. We have created an array with data from address book. Next line we use the same array to build the query string using http_build_query() function.
$ar=array("FName"=>"John","Address"=>"Street No 11 ","City"=>"Rain 
echo http_build_query($ar);
The Output of above script is here
Now this above string is ready to post through any URL. Here is an example.
<a href=anypage.php?FName=John&Address=Street+No+11+&City=Rain+Town
&Country=USA>Send Address</a>
Inside any script development we will be using dynamic data to generate the string and pass it through URL , so here is the complete code.
$ar=array("FName"=>"John","Address"=>"Street No 11 ","City"=>"Rain 
echo "<a href=anypage.php?$str>Send Address</a>";
Note that your array can be from a database table and similar way you can generate script to pass each address to any application.
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