Creating arrays in PHP

PHP creating array Three types of array
  1. Indexed or Numeric Array
  2. Associative Array
  3. Multidimensional Array

Indexed array

We will create an array and assign multiple values to this array like this
$my_data = array('mydata1','mydata2','mydata3', 'Mydata');
In this array the index associated with each element is incremental numbers starting from 0.
Index position of array elements
echo $my_data[2] // mydata3

  • Creating and displaying Array

Associative Array

We can create an array with assigned Key ( indices ) and values like this. Note the use of => operator to associate key with its value.
$var=array(013=>"RKt",005=>"Bin",007=>"Alen");// Array key with value
$ar=array("FName"=>"John","Address"=>"Streen No 11 ",
          "City"=>"Rain Town","Country"=>"USA");
Output from this array is here,
echo $var[007]; // Alen
echo "<br>";
echo $ar["City"]; // Rain Town
Multidimensional arrays are discussed here.

Creating array by breaking string

We can create an array by breaking string. Let us try with some simple examples.
///Storing the sample paragraph in a variable /////
$string='plus2net provides easy tutorials for learning web programming';

$new_array=explode(" ",$string); // create an array by breaking string

// Let us display all elements of the array. ///
while (list ($key, $val) = each ($new_array)) { 
echo "$key -> $val <br>"; 
Here we have used space as delimiter and created the array by breaking the string. The output of above code is here.
0 -> plus2net 
1 -> provides 
2 -> easy 
3 -> tutorials 
4 -> for 
5 -> learning 
6 -> web 
7 -> programming
Now let us try another program. This is a keyword list, we will try to create array by breaking the string with coma as delimiter. Only changes to above code is shown here
$string='scripts , languages, programs, forms, database';
Output is here
0 -> scripts 
1 -> languages 
2 -> programs 
3 -> forms 
4 -> database 
If you want to know how many keywords are present by using array_size then here is the code.
echo "Total Number of words = ".sizeof($new_array);
Output of this is here
Total Number of words = 5

Creating array by using range()

We can specify a range and step to create an array by using numbers or chars between the range.
$my_array=range(0,10); // create an array
foreach ($my_array as $element) {
    echo $element . "  ";
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Display elements of an array
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