Array Maximum Minimum value

We can calculate maximum value among the elements of an array by using max function. Here is a simple example.
Maximum value of Array
echo max($ar); // output is 58
Another example
echo max($ar);// output is 25

Key of the maximum value in array

To get the key of the maximum value of the array we have to use array_keys function.
echo max($ar);
$b= array_keys($ar,max($ar));
echo $b[0];
We can use this in string arrays also.
echo max($a); //optput is Welcome

Min function

We can use min function also in same way to get the minimum value from the array. Here is the example.
echo min($ar);

Example with two max value

$value= array(2,5,6,8,9,4,9,1);
echo "Maximum value = ".max($value);
Output is
Maximum value = 9



if there are duplicate values or if the minimum value is twice in the array?


example with two maximum value is added


excellent, thank you!

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