Frequency of values inside an array

$a1=array("first", "second", "third","fourth","fifth","second","third");

while (list ($key, $val) = each ($new_array)) {
echo "$key -> $val <br>";
The output of above code will be
first -> 1
second -> 2
third -> 2
fourth -> 1
fifth -> 1
array_count_values ($input_array )
$input_arrayRequired : Input array of which frequency of values to be calculated
array_count_values() We can count the number of time elements are present inside an array by using array_count_values function in php. This function returns another array which stores the values ( or elements ) of the input array and its frequency or the number of occurrence of the value.

This function array_count_values works similar to group by sql query where we collect unique records with number of occurrence in a table

How array_count_values() is used to list all types of file extensions with total numbers present inside a directory size_of function to list elements of an array
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    Hi Friends,...i am new to php,..i have problem taking list box value.While loop i have 5 select box, need to pass whole value into single submissio n , to pass,,please help me thanks periyasamy

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