Is_array function returns Boolean value ( true of false ) based on the input data. It returns true if variable is an array. Here is an example
$a= array("Three", "two", "Four", "five","ten"); 
$b="Hello Welcome to plus2net ";
if(is_array($a)){ // Change this variable to $b
echo " This is an array ";
echo " This is not an array ";
The above code will return This is an array if $a is checked using if condition.


$str="Learn web programming at";
echo is_array($str) ? 'Yes, Array' : 'not an Array';
Output is
not an Array
By using split function we can break a sting and create an array. Here is the modified code.
$str=split(" ","Learn web programming at");
echo is_array($str) ? 'Yes, Array' : 'not an Array';
Output is
Yes, Array

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