array_keys to get the keys of matching values of an array

array = array_keys ($input_array, $search_str,$strict);
$input_arrayRequired : Input array to be searched.
$search_strOptional: Values to be searched inside $input_array.
$strictOptional: FALSE ( default): strict comparison is not done.
TRUE comparison of type of variable is done.
arrays_key function returns an array with all the keys as element. We can specify a value of the array and get the associated keys for the element.

We will start with some examples.
The output is here
Array ( [0] => SName [1] => Class [2] => Subject [3] => Game )
We can pass a value (of element ) and get the respective key like this
We will get a single element array returning the key Output is here
Array ( [0] => Class )

Example with more than one matching

Output is here
Array ( [0] => Subject [1] => Game )
Two keys are returned in above case.
in_array()Search for value inside Array. Returns TRUE or FALSE
array_search()Search for value inside Array. Returns the key if found, FALSE otherwise
array_key_exists()Search for key inside Array. True if found, FALSE otherwise

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