Displaying elements of an array by looping

We can loop through an array to display each element of the array.  This code will display all the element of an array. This is very useful in many occasions where a list is to be displayed. We will see the application of this in check box value collection.

First we will create an array and then display each element of it.

Here is the code to create  and  display the value of the elements of an array.

 $a= array("Three", "two", "Four", "five","ten");

while (list ($key, $val) = each ($a)) { echo "$key -> $val <br>"; }

Using sizeof function to display all elements using for loop

$a= array("Three", "two", "Four", "five","ten"); 
for($i=0; $i<$max; $i++) { 
echo "$a[$i] ,"; 

Displaying one element

By using key or by index we can display one element at a time. Here is the code.
$a= array("Three", "two", "Four", "five","ten"); 
echo $a[2]; // Output is Four
Using Key
echo $mark[Alex]; // Output is 48

Using print_r

We can use print_r funciton which returns variables in human readable format. Here is the code.

$a= array("Three", "two", "Four", "five","ten"); 
The output of the above code is here.
Array ( [0] => Three [1] => two [2] => Four [3] => five [4] => ten ) 
Same way here is one more array
$ar=array("FName"=>"John","Address"=>"Streen No 11 ","City"=>"Rain Town","Country"=>"USA");

The output is here
Array ( [FName] => John [Address] => Streen No 11 [City] => Rain Town [Country] => USA ) 
There are other way like using foreach function to display the elements of an array
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how to get only key and key => values of Multidimensional Arrays ? like this way 1=>a,2=>b,3=>c answer= 1,2,3 and another one 1-A=>1,2,3 2-B=>1,2 means here a1 is array then A is also array under 1 and 1,3,2 is value of A. so i want this like that way.

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