PHP array unique value

We may want to get a set of unique values from an array. For this we have to use function array_unique(). This will take an array as input and return an array with unique elements of the old array.

Here is our old array with some duplicate elements.
Now our $new_array will contain values ("Mango","Banana","Orange")

How to check if array contains duplicate elements ?
if(count($old_array) != count(array_unique($old_array))){
echo " Not Unique, there are duplicate elements ";	
echo " No duplicate elements ";
The output is here
Not Unique, there are duplicate elements 

Getting the duplicate elements


// What is not common in both arrays ( keys also considered ) ///

while (list ($key, $val) = each ($duplicate)) {
echo "$key -> $val <br>";
3 -> Banana
Read more on array_diff_assoc()
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