Restaurant Management System V-1

Tkinter Restaurant Management V-2 V-3 Installing Tables Report
Restaurant Management V-1

Restaurant Management script using Tkinter to generate bills based on selection of item and quantity

Here are the features

  1. All items ( menu items ) with price per unit are to be included by using a dictionary.
  2. All items with images are to be displayed using buttons or labels.
  3. Each item will be associated with one Spinbox to select number of items ordered.
  4. There will be two buttons at the end of the display. One for generating the bill and other for resetting the billing system.
  5. Once the billing button is clicked, the order quantity against each item is checked and based on the price the rows of items with total price is prepared.
  6. Sum of the all ordered individual items are calculated to finalize the total price.
  7. Over the total price, 10% extra to be added as tax.
  8. The final price is to be displayed after adding the tax of 10 %.
  9. Once the reset button is clicked all the billing section data to reset to initial stage and all the spinboxes are to return to 0 value to prepare for next bill.
  10. Use one background image of your choice.
  11. Use images for food items of your choice.

This code is without images, the lines with images are commented. You can use your own images or wait for the script with image.

Restaurant Management V-2 (Database integration) Restaurant Management V-3 Combobox for selection of items Day wise Report Installing Tables Edit-update Product table
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