Restaurant Management System V-3 ( Invoice Generation )

Tkinter Restaurant Management V-1 V-2 Installing Tables Report

Restaurant Management V-2 with invoice generation

Tkinter Storing product sell with details in table and generate Invoice Restaurant Management system

The Part -3 of the script should have these added features

Once the details of selection of product with total and tax details are shown ( Check the Part II of Restaurant Management ) the following features are to be added.
  1. On click of the Reset / confirmation button the display part will reset to blank ( listing of sold products ) and all the spinboxes will reset to 0.
  2. As the sell is confirmed, one unique bill number is to be generated by inserting data , total price and tax price to the plus2_bill table.
  3. Using the unique bill number , all sold product details like product id, quantity , price with bill number and data are to be inserted to plus2_sell table.
  4. One button will be displayed saying Generate bill and on click of it the function my_invoice() will be triggered.
  5. The function my_invoice will receive the bill number and using this it will generate the Invoice.
  6. The function my_invoice will collect all the names of the product sold, with price, quantity and generate the full invoice.
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
my_conn = create_engine("mysql+mysqldb://root:pw@localhost/db_name")
MySQL Installing
MySQL Connecting string
MySQL connection using SQLAlchemy

Create table plus2_bill, plus2_sell and to create product table plus2_products and to insert sample data, use this sql dump.
path_image="G:\\My Drive\\testing\\plus2_restaurant_v1\\images\\"

Adding sample data to tables

Here is the script to first remove all records from plus2_bill and plus2_sell, then insert records for previous n ( check the for loop at the end ) days. No data is added to plus2_products table.
Restaurant Management V-1 Restaurant Management V-2 Creating Tables
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