Managing Blob of SQLite database table

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The main script is same for both the databases, only the connection string and the place holder for parameters in SQL is changed.

The changes required for using SQLite database in place of MySQL database is here.

Connection to SQLite Database

The connection object my_conn is created by using SQLite database, so in all script this line is to be changed.
my_conn = create_engine("mysql+mysqldb://userid:password@localhost/db_name")
For SQLite ( Change the path )
my_conn = create_engine("sqlite:///D:\\testing\\sqlite\\my_db.db")
While using placeholder for parameterized query for MySQL
    id=my_conn.execute("INSERT INTO  student_profile(id,student,profile_photo) \
                  VALUES (%s,%s,%s)",data)
For SQLite
    id=my_conn.execute("INSERT INTO  student_profile(id,student,profile_photo) \
                  VALUES (?,?,?)",data)
To create table and database in SQLite
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from sqlalchemy.exc import SQLAlchemyError
        my_conn = create_engine("sqlite:///D:\\testing\\sqlite\\my_db.db")
        print("Created database successfully")
                CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS student_profile(id integer, 
                      student text, 
                      profile_photo blob
        print("Student Table created successfully")
except SQLAlchemyError as e:
        error = str(e.__dict__['orig'])

Displaying records from student table
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