Updating Lower case to Upper case char in Entry box

Tkinter Entry

Changing lower case to Upper case and vice-versa

We will use string function upper() to change our string to Upper case chars. Similarly we can use lower() to change all upper case chars to lower.
We used StringVar() to track the changes in textvariable connected to Entry widget.

Tkinter Entry box data from lower case to Upper case and vice-versa as we type or instantly
import tkinter as tk
my_w = tk.Tk()
my_w.geometry("420x200")  # Size of the window 
my_w.title("www.plus2net.com")  # Adding a title

def my_upper(*args):
    str1.set(str1.get().upper()) # change to Upper case 
str1 = tk.StringVar(my_w) # declare StringVar()

e1 = tk.Entry(my_w,textvariable=str1,font=28,width=30,bg='yellow')  

str1.trace('w',my_upper) # trigger when variable changes 

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